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about the ccfC

Cairngorms Crofters and Farmers Community (CCFC) was established in 2024 with the aim of promoting the interests of farmers and crofters in the Cairngorms and surrounding areas. Our group is made up of experienced and dedicated farmers and crofters who are committed to ensuring that agriculture remains a vital part of our economy and culture.




CCFC aims to play a crucial role in the conservation of our local native species by emphasising the importance of farming and crofting for biodiversity and undertaking key projects to further nature conservation.  CCFC encourages mentorship programs, facilitating the transfer of knowledge from experienced farmers and crofters to newer generations, as well as between members with the aim of ensuring the preservation of the industry, and with it the culture and local management practices that have created much of the value of the Cairngorms National Park and the overall well-being of the local rural community.



CCFC aims to actively engage in community-level education and awareness programs, fostering a deeper understanding of crofting and farming practices. By organising workshops and events, CCFC will empower local inhabitants and consumers with knowledge, promoting appreciation for the importance of sustainable agriculture and its importance to the food chain, nature and the economy.



CCFC celebrates environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming practices within the local agricultural community and around Scotland. Through the sharing of best practices, the organisation encourages the adoption of sustainable methods that foster best practice and minimise environmental impact, ensuring the long-term health of the land and ecosystems for generations to come.

Image by Walter Frehner

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